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About Sunset Ridge Basketry


Mary Price

Owner - Creator - Teacher

In 1996, I discovered the art of basket weaving thanks to my sister Shelli teaching me a market style basket. I was instantly hooked on the therapeutic process of creating a functional basket that I could be proud of.

My sister and I went on to attend many basket weaving conventions across the United States, beginning with the Land of Lincoln Basket Weavers. We persisted in designing and crafting hundreds of baskets, which we sold at various craft shows across the Chicago area.

In 1997, being a stay-at-home Mom of 5, I decided to share my love of basket weaving with others by

offering classes out of my spacious basement.

Over the course of the next 23 years, my modest basement classroom transformed into a thriving basket weaving business called

“Sunset Ridge Basketry". I continued teaching, creating new designs, writing detailed patterns, and conducting an increased number of classes across various locations in the Chicago area. My success stemmed from crafting basket designs that streamlined the learning of various techniques, thereby simplifying the process and enhancing the enjoyment of basket weaving for my students.


~Living my dream~

I recall telling my sister,

"Once my children are grown, I dream of traveling across the US to teach at basket weaving conventions.” That dream turned into reality in 2020 when I began teaching on the Basket Weaving Cruise. Then, in 2022, I instructed at my first convention, the annual Georgia Basketry Association Convention.


I am thrilled to share that I’m now living my dream! My husband and I sold our house, bought an RV and are now taking Sunset Ridge Basketry on the road. I see myself as a wanderlust weaver journeying across the US finding creative inspiration in each state.

Take a look at my teaching schedule to find out where I’ll be instructing next.



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